Bridget Catchpole

lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She received her jewellery training at the Vancouver Jewellery Art and Design Program and has a BFA in Studio Art from Concordia University, Montreal.

Catchpole has been the recipient of project/research grants from the Canada Council for the Arts as well as the British Columbia Arts Council, and exhibits Internationally. Challenging traditional notions of value, Catchpole forgoes gemstones in favour of uniquely treated cast-off materials, from empty beauty product packaging to plastic remnants collected along the Pacific Northwest Coast. For more than 10 years, her focus has been on plastic waste from throwaway culture and how it has become a pervasive presence in the natural environment. By transforming and reframing these discards, Catchpole models a philosophy of repair not replace, highlights our biases against “waste”, and blurs our notions of what is precious, valuable and lasting.