As a jewellery artist my work often conveys the dichotomies between worth and waste. 

I started working with empty beauty product packaging and blue bin plastics in a project I dubbed, Mining Under the Kitchen Sink. I collected, sorted, and used discarded plastic as a raw material, but it didn't take long in my research of plastic waste to include other places as well. 

The image below is a micro-amount of the plastic detritus I've collected along the shore of the Pacific Rim National Park. Utilitarian castoffs and remnants of manufactured debris in various levels of decomposition are the relics that inform my work.

“I seek the inimitable. Weathered. Cast aside. High on the tide line are the gems I collect. Simultaneously thrilled and saddened by what I find. Liberated from the churning ocean and sun’s harsh rays, remnants of manufactured debris become my objets trouvés. To repair what's broken, whether looking inward, to the emotional, or outward to the social and environmental. Small changes can have big impacts, this is my impetus for creation.” – Bridget Catchpole